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Align Body, Mind & Soul

Guiding you back to your personal power, pleasure and optimal health.


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Hey Angel! I'm glad you landed here...


Let me introduce myself. I'm Christa and I help women experiencing emotional overwhelm, burnout, persistent pain and ongoing health issues reclaim their connection to their bodies, sensuality and self-worth.  I work with spirit to support you to energetically and somatically release childhood and ancestral trauma that is keeping you blocked from embodying your higher self. 


I merge science and spirituality; combining my background in health science, energy healing gifts, clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities to trace back to and unblock the root cause of your physical and emotional symptoms of dis-ease, pain, weight fluctuations, fatigue, low motivation, anxiety and depression.  We will then transform this through somatic therapies, Reki, personal health and lifestyle coaching. 


My qualifications include over 15 years working in the wellness industry and serving over 16,000 clients, I am a Reiki II (Usui) certified healer along with Masters in Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Applied Science in Exercise and Sports Science, Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Diet, Sport Physiotherapist (APA Lv 1), Personal trainer and a STOTT Pilates instructor.


I am passionate in supporting woman to love their bodies, feel safe in their individual expression and to access ecstatic states of joy and pleasure. My mission is to help women release the pain of the past and the patriarchy in order to reclaim their sovereignty by connecting to their divine nature, intuition, creativity, playfulness and sexuality. 

It would be an absolute pleasure for me to support you in your road to recovery as you reclaim your most empowered, connected and embodied self.

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Get in touch.

If you are ready to take a holistic approach to your health, reconnect to your pleasure, body, intuition, heart's desires and feel more in flow with life, I would love to support you in achieving this.

Phone: +61 415 036 810


Address: Orchard Street Cafe & Juice Bar. Brighton Blvd. & Wairoa Ave. North Bondi NSW 2026


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"Christa had a profound effect on my injured body and I became spiritually sound again. Her vibration is very angelic, light and magnetic. Her healing work made me leave a job within 24 hrs of meeting Christa and have faith in the unknown that good things will happen when you are in alignment and they did immediately. We need a reminder to step off the treadmill and think bigger and be reminded that we are all divine beings and worth it. Christa is one of the best light workers I have met that is very knowledgable holistically, (believes in astrology too!) and wants great health and outcomes for her clients. She is connected with the divine and I had so many beautiful signs from the universe after reiki with her. "

Sarah Cranitch

" Christa is an incredible holistic healer. My first Reiki experience was magical, filled with self connection, manifestation and signs from the universe. Christa’s approach is very nurturing and guides you along the journey so comfortably. The essential oils and harmonious music soothe the soul. Christa’s set up is so warm and inviting, it was hard to leave! I highly recommend Christa for anyone interested in spirituality, grounding and general relaxation. "

Natalie Waser

Christa was exactly who I needed! She is such a source of light and love and she helps to reflect that back to you. You will feel immediately safe and seen in her presence and you will leave each session feeling more connected and inspired. Christa has many tools to guide you in the way that you need for each session. No session will be the same, in the best way! Whatever you are working through, Christa will support you immensely in working through it, both in and out of your sessions. I couldn’t recommend her enough, I am so grateful for her time, energy, and love!

Jane Lamp

“Christa has changed my life. I was not focused and not sure what I wanted. She got into my subconscious through hypnotherapy and health coaching & reiki to help me unlock my goals & brought me clarity. She is truly gifted and I recommend her to anyone who wants to change or understand their true self and life purpose”

Melanie Francis 

Christa's intuitive approach makes every session unique and deeply transformative. I've noticed improvements in my overall well-being, stress reduction, and an enhanced sense of inner peace.Christa's dedication to holistic healing is evident in every interaction, and her passion for Reiki is contagious. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking profound healing and spiritual growth. Thank you, Christa, for your incredible work!

Helen Mansell

Working with Christa changed my life. I felt a HUGE shift in energy after my reiki sessions with her, and it enabled me to move forward with a creative project I’ve been stuck on for years. I felt mental clarity and at peace after my sessions with her. Christa’s energy is very beautiful and very special and I felt safe seen and held during my time with her. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me Christa, I can’t speak highly enough of the impact it has had on me.

Ianthe Jacob

" Working with Christa has been a true blessing for my life. The moment I met her, I felt extremely safe to share my story. Her joy for life, ability to feel and teach, and her commitment and passion for her work are undeniable. I am beyond glad our paths have crossed and I can only recommend Christa to anyone who wants to increase the connection of body, mind, and soul. "

Cecily Stolte


I will guide you to...

Awaken your body's innate wisdom and self healing ability.

Ignite the creative power and sensual pleasure available inside you.

Embody your individuality, magic and gifts.

Align with your higher self that you can manifest the health, wealth, experiences and relationships your heart desires. 

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Image by Aditya Saxena

Embodying our individuality connects us to our life purpose.


Choosing to live as our unique expression of universal consciousness/god/goddess energy in human form aligns us with our life calling...or should I say, you are your life purpose ;).


When we embody our authentic self we awaken to our role as part of a greater collective purpose. This creates greater fulfilment, meaning and direction in life. We are motivated to take action towards our health and personal goals, despite challenges and distractions. We are also attract and recognise the right people, opportunities, and experiences that support our soul's highest evolution.

No one else on this planet is exactly like you; with the same set of gifts, talents, life experience, intelligence, karma and DNA codes. You are here to be and do what only you can.  


When we know that we are innately worthy we are energetically aligned with and express as embodiment of our soul truth; unconditional love and peace.

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